Outtakes from “Secrets: A Memoir of Vietnam and the Pentagon Papers”

In order to keep “Secrets: A Memoir of Vietnam and the Pentagon Papers” to a reasonable length, many worthy pieces were left out of the final cut. Here are the sections, scenes, and snippets that would have made it into the book if space were not a consideration.

First Use of B-52s in Vietnam
Ellsberg’s account of “the first time in the war. . . [he] had the sharp, sudden sense the people [he] was working with were mad.”

Mary, 1969
Ellsberg’s description of involving his daughter Mary in copying the Pentagon Papers. (This outtake is included in the paperback edition.)

Boston Federal Building, May 1971
A vignette of Ellsberg’s participation in civil disobedience with Howard Zinn, outside of the Boston Federal Building, May 1971

Ellsberg reflects on comments he made after his arrest, concerning the responsibility of officials in a criminal war.

Additional Notes
Additional notes and commentary on Secrets, including anecdotes, explanation, analysis, and historical details not included in the book.

Previously Unpublished Papers and Memos Discussed in “Secrets: A Memoir of Vietnam and the Pentagon Papers”

(These previously unpublished papers and documents written by Daniel Ellsberg were discussed in Secrets: A Memoir of Vietnam and the Pentagon Papers. The numbers in parentheses refer to the pages of Secrets in which the paper or memo is discussed.)

(pp. 88-97)
Draft Speech for Secretary McNamara July 22, 1965

(pp. 106-108)
Memo to General Lansdale: Mission Council Meeting July 25, 1966

(p. 169)
Memo to General Lansdale: The Challenge of Corruption in South Vietnam, November 23, 1965

(pp. 176-177)
Memo for the Record: Ky’s Candidacy and the Upcoming Elections, May 4, 1967

(pp. 236-243, 275, 367-368, 384, 416-417, 432-437, 451)
Draft of NSSM-1 Questions, January 1969

(p. 246)
Infeasible Aims and the Politics of Stalemate, August 1969

(pp. 281-282, 310-322)
Letter to the New York Times, October 8, 1969

(pp. 282-283)
Letter to Charles Bolté, September 23, 1969

(p. 334)
Revolutionary Judo, January 1970

Other Vietnam Memos and Documents:

Some Prospects and Problems in Vietnam, February 1968

Critical Postures on U.S. Decision-Making in Vietnam, June 1960

Vu Van Thai on U.S. Aims and Interventions in Vietnam, July 1969

Some Lessons from Failure in Vietnam, July 1969

On Pacification, July 1969

U.S. Policy and the Politics of Others, July 1969

Notes on Vietnam Policy: A Strategy for Dissent, January 1970

Escalating in a Quagmire, February 1970

“Coercive Diplomacy” in Light of Vietnam, November 1970

Reflections on Vietnam Policy